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The Other Place

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The Other Place
  • plot summary

    An elderly hairdresser is cleaning up her salon at the end of the day. As she chats away to herself and to imaginary clients, she drifts deeper and deeper into her fantasies, memories and regrets … Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s « Rockaby ».

    Length : 11’34’’ min - Year : 2015

    Country of production: France - Genre : Drama

    Format : 2.35 - Sound : Stereo

    Language : English

    Color and Black/White

    © Mareike Engelhardt 2015

  • crew

    Kathryn Hunter


    Directed by Mareike Engelhardt

    Written by Andrew Bampfield & Mareike Engelhardt


    Romain Proveur



    Mareike Engelhardt


    Glaude Trinquesse



    Olivier Laurent


    Alix Clément


    Maxime Champesme


    Set Design

    Tinka Rodriguez


    Tiphaine Deshayes


    Costume Design

    Xénia Gasull


    Set Assistant

    Samuel Lambruso


La Balade

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La Balade
  • plot summary

    A man pushes his father in a wheelchair across a desolate suburban wasteland. They bicker and grumble in a well-worn ritual that takes them past the ruins of their dysfunctional relationship. A soundtrack combining the noise of creaking and collapsing buildings and life deep under the ocean accompanies them, as they make their way slowly towards a bitter encounter with the past.

    This short drama was produced by French production company Abbel Films and funded by the region of Picardy, in collaboration with the CNC.

    Length : 14 min - Year : 2013

    Visa d’exploitation : 133 582

    Country of production: France - Genre : Drama

    Format : 1.85 (16/9) - Sound : Stereo

    Language : French with English Subtitles


    all rights reserved

    abbel films

    26 rue des Rigoles, 75020 Paris

    T. 01 43 66 77 63

  • crew

    Cyril Couton

    The Son


    Jean Yves Gautier

    The Father



    Directed by Mareike Engelhardt

    Written by Andrew Bampfield

    Produced by Marion Boffelli

    Director of Photography

    Sophie Cadet



    Claude Trinquesse



    Josselin Panchout


    Sound Design

    Olivier Laurent



    Camille Ganivet


    Set Design

    Astrid Tonnelier


    Make up

    Mélanie Virthe



    Aurélie Kerbiquet


    Sound Mix

    Gilles Benardeau


    Color Grading

    Christophe Legendre


    Original music

    Jamie Masters


  • screening

    Premiered at the cinema LE BALZAC in April 2013

    Mathes ClujShorts
    • Festival du court métrage de VILLEURBANNE 2013, France
    • Festival de la côté bleue 2013, France
    • CLUJSHORTS 2014 Festival du court-métrage, Roumania
    • Cinema Club 2014 BROOKLYN, New York
    • Sélection Open to Court et Côté Court, PARIS
    • Invité par l’Univers, LILLE
    • Festival Rencontres Images Captés 2014, ROCHECHOUARD France
    • Le court nous tient 2014, SAINT-DENIS France


    « Le film a un parti artistique très fort. La Balade nous propose le cheminement (intérieur ?) d’un fils et son père dans un décor de désolation et de déconstruction. A la splendeur des images répondent la cruauté et la dureté des dialogues. »

    P.Amey pour le Festival de court-métrage VILLEURBANNE

Nueva Marcha

Nueva Marcha
  • info

    The music video NUEVA MARCHA is the beginning of a collaboration with Marina Cedro, a modern tango singer and performer. It will be part of the performance « Tango 1972 ». A first version was shown in 2014 at the Kurosakihibishin Hall Theatre in Japan and in 2015 at the Centre National de la Danse Paris.


    Lyrics written and performed by Marina Cedro

    Music written and produced by Philippe Cohen Solai

    Film by Mareike Engelhardt

    With the kind support of the CND Centre national de la danse Paris and Morgane group.

    Music by Ya Basta Records / Tango 33

    © Mareike Engelhardt 2015

  • showings

    Centre National de la Danse Paris (CND) as part of TANGO 1972, a performance by Marina Cedro with video works by Mareike Engelhardt.

    More information on


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  • plot summary

    A video-art project based on the performance « FURS ! » by Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz. Produced for the Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris. It’s a proposition investigating striptease as a survival mechanism, and explores the role games between hunters and their preys.

    Length: 7 mins

    Country of production: France

    Genre: Experimental

    Format: 16/9, Color

    © Mareike Engelhardt 2015

  • showings

The Geometry
of Separation

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The Geometry of Separation
  • plot summary

    The Geometry of Separation is an experimental dance triptych, in which a woman’s inability to engage with the world outside drives her into the bewildering and surreal spaces of her psyche. Separated from the external world, she retreats into an inner conflict between a lost present and a fictional future. A journey begins into alienated space, filled with the fragments of memory.

    The film was originally made as part of a dance piece which Mareike developed in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Riki von Falken.

    It was founded by the Hauptstadtkulturfond Berlin (Cultural Fund Berlin) and premiered at the Radialsystem V Berlin in 2009 where it was invited again for three more showings in 2010.

    This is the short film version of the original film-performance with a new original score.

    May 2009, 14’3’’, 4:3 et 16:9, DV-PAL

  • crew

    Director/Camera/Editing/Set design/Costumes

    Mareike Engelhardt


    Mareike Engelhardt, Riki von Falken


    Friederike Plafki


    Karine Aulnette


    Original Soundtrack

    Sebastien Alazet


    Assistent Director

    Oscar Loeser


    Sound recordist

    Christoph Andrich



    Jérôme Dupuis


    Production Manager

    Katja Kettner


    Dramaturgical Assistant

    Bastian Wiegelman


  • film - festivals
    • POOL 09 International Dance film festival Berlin
    • SOUNDTRACK COLOGNE where it was nominated for the Peer Raben Award of the best music for film
    • DANSCAMDANSE International Festival of Belgium for New Media and Dance film Gent 2009
    • REELDANCE International Dance on Screen Festival Australia and New Zealand 2010
    • DJM Dance and Media Festival Japan: International Video Dance Festival Tokyo 2010 and as part of a special screening again in 2013
    • FESTIVAL de COURT-METRAGES de la CÔTE BLEUE, Carry le Rouet, France 2010
    • FESTIVAL SILENCE ON COURT, Forum des Images, Paris 2010.
    • DANCE CAMERA WEST Media Festival Los Angeles, USA 2010
    • DANCAEMFOCO Int. Video & Dance Festival Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2010


    SFE - Souvenirs from earth. The independent ART TV station on the European cable network broadcasted the film every Saturday in January 2013.


    • RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin, 30/05 – 01/06/09
    • FABRIK Potsdam, 30/04 – 01/05/10
    • RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin, Reprise, Mai/Juin 2010
    • GOETHE INSTITUT Yaounde, Africa, July 2012
    • Festival ABOK I NGOMA in Yaoundé, CAMEROON at the Institut Francais in July 2012


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  • plot summary

    Three people in a ruined building. An abstract setting outside time or place, which provokes completely different physical reactions: violence, transgression and regression. Has it conjured up deep-rooted scenes from the past which they are now reliving? Or are these new emotions unleashed by this strange and unsettling environment?
    Elements of childhood games appear - marbles, sticks, cards. Each of them is a relic from a different phase of life, a vestige of a mental state. At first each dancer uses these games to make connections, to construct, to play, but then the games fizzle out and disappear without trace.

    Shot on location in Portugal in 2011, the film was commissioned by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to accompany a new contemporary dance piece, DREAMS, by choreographer Pedro Pires and the North Portugal Dance Company. Mareike took elements from the stage choreography, adapted them for film and relocated them in different contexts and spaces. During the performance, the film was projected onto a semi-transparent screen covering the whole stage. The performers on stage interacted with the projected images, creating an imaginary world which allowed both dancers and audience to travel through time and space.

  • crew

    Director / Camera / Editor / Sound / Costumes

    Mareike Engelhardt


    Pedro Pires



    Pedro Pires


    Katie Baldwin


    Alicia Campi



    Rui Ricardo


  • tour
    • Teatro Malaposta in LISBON, Portugal,May 2011
    • Teatro Municipal BRAGANCA, Portugal, September 2011
    • Centro Cultural of MACEDO DE CAVALEIROS, Portugal, January 2012
    • Festival Danca em Foco, Brésil 2014


    SFE - Souvenirs from earth

    The independent ART TV station on the European cable network broadcasted the film every Saturday in January 2013.


    Chosen to join the architecture related video-art platform on

Mareike Engelhardt
  • biography

    Having graduated with honours in Comparative Literature, Art History and Psychology at the University of Berlin, Mareike went on to study film at the École Supérieure libre d’Études Cinématographiques in Paris.

    Her first film "Effigy" won Best Film at the Festival Tolosa Tourne, Toulouse ’09. It was followed by “La Balade”, produced by ABBEL films which has been shown in numerous national and international festivals. Mareike has just finished her latest film, “The other place”, starring Olivier award-winning actress Kathryn Hunter. She is currently preparing “Poke”, a short drama produced by NOODLES Production in early 2016.

    Her passion for contemporary dance found its way into her film-making and in 2010 she co-directed her first dance piece “The Geometry of Separation” in collaboration with choreographer Riki von Falken. The piece played to sold-out audiences at the Radialsystem V Berlin, in Potsdam, Heilbronn and Yaoudé (Africa). The film part has since been shown at numerous festivals all over the world. In 2011 she was invited to collaborate with Portugese choreographer Pedro Pires on the dance-film performance “Atlantis” which went on tour in Portugal.

    Mareike entered new territory in 2015 when she created a music clip for modern tango singer and performer Marina Cedro (Ya records & Tango 33) as well as collaborating with visual artist Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz on the experimental film “Pelzwerk”, produced for the Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris and shown in Nantes as part of the « Longue nuit de Météores » at POL’N, Nantes.
    Mareike continues to alternate between experimental films and narrative fiction and has worked as an assistant director for, amongst others, Volker Schlöndorff and Roman Polanski.

  • films

    POKE (2016) - short film fiction, produced by NOODLES Production, Paris

    THE OTHER PLACE (2015) - short film fiction, 11’ with Kathryn Hunter.

    NUEVA MARCHA (2015) – music video 4’ Produced by Tango 33&Ya Basta Records Music Marina Cedro

    PELZWERK (2015) – experimental film
    In collaboration with Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz for the Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris.

    LA BALADE (2012) – short film fiction, 14’
    Produced by abbel films, funded by the Region of Picardie in collaboration with the CNC.

    ATLANTIS (2011) – experimental dance film for the Companhia do Norte de Dança (Portugal).

    AQUARIUM (2010) – short film fiction, 16’30’’

    THE GEOMETRY OF SEPARATION (2009) – experimental dance film and performance in collaboration with Riki von Falken for the RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin and the Hauptstadt Kulturfonds Berlin.

    LES NUITS D’ETE (2009) – Documentary and capturing of the show. Commissioned work for the Opera festival in Corte, Corsica.
    Broadcasted on France 3 Corse in April 2010.

    EFFIGY (2008) – Short film fiction, 11’47’’
    Produced by ESEC (Ecole Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques).

    CLOWN, SEGMENTS, DER PANTHER – Short dance films. Autoproduced, spontaneous explorations, on the border between dance and architecture.

  • CV assistant director

    with Anne Dorval, Tahar Rahim, Emmanuelle Seigner and Kool Shen.

    with Niels Arestrup and André Dussollier.

    with Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin.

    Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2013.

    with Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilley.

    shot in Germany, Ukraine and Israel.

    with Jean-Pierre Darroussin, shot in Sweden.

    Patricia MAZUY « SPORT DE FILLES »
    with Bruno Ganz, Josiane Balasko, Marina Hands

    Casting director for small rolls and extras

    Michel ANDRIEU « Quartier Latin »
    for France 2, JEM Productions, Paris.

    Virginie SAUVEUR « FRÈRES »
    for France 2, Telfrance, Paris.

    More on IMDB:


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28 rue Mogador

75009 Paris

Tél. +33 (0)1 56 69 33 00

© Mareike Engelhardt 2013